Our Ingredients

In addition to our innovative recipes and preparations, we pride ourselves on the high-quality ingredient that shine through in every product.

You WILL TASTE the difference. Treat yourself to something today.


Some premium ingredients we use are:

True Tahitian Vanilla Beans - Known as the pastry chef’s favorite vanilla for the delicate and distinctive flavor it lends to desserts. The vanilla species tahitensis, while originating in the pacific island of Tahiti and marketed as such, most often is grown in the country of Papua New Guinea. While high quality beans can be grown found there, True Tahitian beans grown in Tahiti are known to be far richer and stronger in there floral fruity scent and taste, exhibiting notes of red wine, cherry, and peach. We source ours from a single family estate on the island. 

Ugandan Vanilla Beans - grown in the fertile Pearl of Africa, these Vanilla Beans are known to be highly abundant in Vanillin content in comparison to other beans, with rich earthy notes of raisin, chocolate, and butter. 

Wild Strawberries  - Wild Strawberries are the rarer, more flavorful cousins to the common strawberries found at grocery stores. They have a sweeter, bolder taste, that shines through in any dessert that utilizes them

Wisconsin Butter -  Butter from Wisconsin is world renown for its delicious flavor. Illinois desserts have used Butter from Wisconsin since the dairy industry took root there, and we are happy to continue that tradition.

Heirloom Mexican Pompona Vanilla Beans -

The Pompona vanilla bean species were the first vanilla beans encouraged by the Spanish when they encountered the Aztec. They are as much as 5x the size of a common vanilla bean and grown wild in forests of Mexico all the way down to South America.

Because of there low yield, very few farmers around the world grow these as it is often not profitable enough to do so. We source ours from the Mother Region of all vanillas, the Vera Cruz state of Mexico.

Truly one of the most unique vanillas on Earth, they are known for there extraordinarily creamy marshmallow like flavor with subtle notes of spice. 



We use many more premium extracts, flavors, and quality locally sourced ingredients. Using ingredients filled with flavor has been part of our mission from the very beginning.