What Makes Us Different?

Many today have stories of how things “used to taste” Whether sweet or savory, so many foods have gone down in flavor and quality from what they used to be, so much so, that even saying something is made Old Fashioned in preparation, evokes expectations Of Quality

From the moment we started selling Desserts in 2014 we aimed to be different. We wanted to offer desserts that were on par if not better then the days of old.

More so, Health becomes a increasingly priority for many, and nothing is worse then deciding to treat yourself to something sweet, and being met with a bland, dry, tasteless desserts that isn’t worth the calories.

 We wanted to offer sweets more then worth the calories. We take a Michelin Star approach to our offerings, aiming to source the very best ingredients from around the world to achieve a truly remarkable product from the first bite to last. Visit Our Ingredients page to learn more about why we use what we use. 

We also source many ingredients locally, like flour grown in our Home state of Illinois to Butter sourced from the famous cows of Wisconsin. We also use Real Vanilla Beans in every single product we offer.